WBH Industries works with architects, contractors, construction managers and building owners with architectural wood doors, hollow metal doors, hollow metal frames and door hardware. Our many projects have included commercial buildings, hospitals, office space, hotels, retail centers and more.

Commercial Doors
WBH understands the importance of quality and selection of the right door for your application. We offer a wide selection of commercial grade hollow metal and solid wood doors to fit your project specifications.

Door Frames and Frame Components
WBH offers a complete line of door frames for steel or wood studs, block or concrete construction as well as a selection of flush drywall frames for standard or non-standard wall sizes. We also offer frame components that are ideal for commercial building projects.

Door Hardware
Choosing the right commercial door hardware is not an easy task, but we are here to help you specify the right hardware for your application. WBH is your source for commercial door hardware and product knowledge.